StrongArm Calibrated Plates
StrongArm Calibrated Plates
StrongArm Calibrated Plates
StrongArm Calibrated Plates
StrongArm Calibrated Plates
StrongArm Calibrated Plates

StrongArm Calibrated Plates

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Note: These plates have been replaced with those from a different supplier. We have limited quantities of 15, 10 and 5kg plates left, now on sale for 1/2 price. 


Note: These plates are now approved for use in CPU meets of any level.  

Powerlifting contests are always done using the metric size plates, yet most commercial gyms use "pound" plates that are usually low quality, meaning inaccurate weights. When you are training for a contest, you want to know that your training weights are EXACTLY what you want them to be, not plus or minus.... anything!

StrongArm plates are not on the IPF approved list (not yet at least), but only because we did not want to pay the enormous fees the IPF wants for this. They ARE made to IPF specifications for calibrated weight, dimensions and colors, and can now be used in CPU contests, or in other feds, and home or commercial gyms. You are just paying considerably less for them!

We've had our plates tested and certified as correct weight, see this page for more information and documentation of the testing. 

Our online system is not the most sophisticated, and almost always over prices the shipping. Please use our Contact page to enquire about shipping. Include your full address, and how much weight you need. 

USA customers:  Please visit our US site for USD pricing, including shipping. Go to: 

Our plates are warehoused in Calgary, local customers can pick up and avoid all shipping charges.

All prices are for pairs of plates. 



Customer Reviews

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Christine Nguyen
Calibrated plates


Sean Austin

StrongArm Calibrated Plates

Felix Bernier
Calibrate plate


Calibrated plates

Great purchase. I order 3 sets of 25 KG and I am so happy I did. They look great they are the same size as regular 45 lb standard steel plates, but half as thick. The hole is machined perfectly which allows for a snug fit on the strong arm power bar. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is thinking about getting new plates.

Geoff Dolan
Strongarm calibrated plates

Exceptional service and shipping. The plates are being put to good use and we are very happy thus far. Will definitely be expanding the set in the future.

Dog Park Powerlifting
Boxing Day sale

Excellent prices for calibrated plates, and they got here quickly!

Cody Sheppard
Love these plates!

After using mine for about 7-8 months i love my set! The only issue i could see is the paint chips fairly easily, but thats a very minor detail.

They look and feel amazing. No excessive play when on a barbell either.

Thank you strongarm sport for always providing the best bang for your buck in regards to strength training.

Felix Oliver
perfect plates

Best price for the quality. I ordered more plates after receiving the 20kg. Definitely worth it

Yaroslav Mormil
Good Quality Stuff

Another solid product from strongarm. I was apprehensive about the plates because I had heard issues about plugs that weren't flush and paint issues. But the final plates to complete my set were available so I went for it. I received plates with plugs that weren't flush like others had mentioned but a quick unscrew with a flat head screw driver, adjustment or removal of some of the small metal balls inside and rescrew and the plugs site perfectly flush and tight. The paint is perfect with no obvious runs or harsh surfaces. I can't believe people were making such a big deal out of the plugs when it's a thirty second fix.

Mark Totten
Calibrated Change Plates

Great coating and nice looking plate.