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StrongArm Calibrated Plates - Original

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This version of our calibrated plates has been discontinued and most sizes are sold out already.  Currently we have just the 2.5 kg sizes remaining, so we have put these on for HALF PRICE. (half of the already reduced price they were at)  


Powerlifting contests are always done using the metric size plates, yet most commercial gyms use "pound" plates that are usually low quality, meaning inaccurate weights. When you are training for a contest, you want to know that your training weights are EXACTLY what you want them to be, not plus or minus.... anything!

StrongArm plates are not on the IPF approved list (not yet at least), but only because we did not want to pay the enormous fees the IPF wants for this. They ARE made to IPF specifications for calibrated weight, dimensions and colors.  So while you cannot use them for competition in CPU contests, they are perfectly acceptable in the warmup room at CPU meet, or in other feds, and home or commercial gyms. You can be assured they are every bit as precise and accurate as the plates you will see on the contest platform. You are just paying considerably less for them!

We've had our plates tested and certified as correct weight, see this page for more information and documentation of the testing. 

Our online system is not the most sophisticated, and almost always over prices the shipping. Please use our Contact page to enquire about shipping. Include your full address, and how much weight you need. 

USA customers:  Please visit our US site for USD pricing, including shipping. Go to: 

Our plates are warehoused in Calgary, local customers can pick up and avoid all shipping charges.

All prices are for pairs of plates. 

Customer Reviews

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Randy Sparks
strongarm calibrated plates

i am very pleased with the quality of the 370 kilos of plates i just purchased. would highly recommend these plates to everyone. shipping was quick and affordable

Jordan Samoil

StrongArm Calibrated Plates - Original

Sean D
10 kg calibrated plates

I bought 4 x 10kg plates to add to my collection. Overall the finish on them is a little rough, some runs in the paint etc. They look great from a distance, up close you notice all the little imperfections in the finish. But other than that they are great, I got them for a good price. They were packaged well. Weight wise they are bang on. I received them about 2 weeks after ordering, which given all the shipping challenges these days, I was happy with.