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The Yoke is a staple strongman event, fantastic for building core strength and fitness, and is a very versatile piece of equipment, good for squats, bench press and many other movements. 
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This Yoke is very easily adjustable in height and has 50 mm loading pins suitable for Olympic plates.

It comes with safety bars by default, which you can either squat or bench from. 60mm J-hooks can be also used with the Yoke, add these by selecting from the options below.

The catchers are easily removable for use as an adjustable yoke.

Our other attachments made for the R1 rack will also fit the Yoke. 


Frame: 2.5 mm steel
Upright support: 4 mm steel

Uprights: 60 mm x 60 mm

Width: ca. 123.5 cm
Space between uprights: 110 cm
Height: ca. 188 cm
Depth: ca.102 cm
Weight: ca. 42 kg

Lowest pin height: 61 cm
Highest pin height: 180.5 cm

Length catcher: 35 cm

Length loading pins: 29 cm

Rated to 250 kg dead weight for the safeties.

Please note:
We recommend using weights on the pins at all times to increase the stability of the base.

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