Bells of Steel

Bells of Steel Basic Bar

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Bench, squat, deadlift. If those are the main words in your fitness vocabulary this is the bar for you. Geared towards home and garage gyms this bar is built for nothing but the basics.

- Bar weight:20KG
- Diameter:30mm
- Knurl: medium aggressive, NO center knurling
- Knurl marks:Dual, powerlifting and Olympic
- Length:86"/2200mm
- Finish: Black Oxide plating
- Loadable sleeve length:16"
- Tensile strength:130,000PSI
- Max Capacity:1,000LBS

Great for bench press, squats and deadlifts this 30mm 7ft long black oxide bar can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. Designed for home users and small studio gyms this can be used for any barbell exercise, though the Olympic lifts are not recommended.

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