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Monolift Attachment

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Our Monolift Attachment is now adjustable, and fits to any of our racks. The monolift attachment offers a space-saving and inexpensive monolift solution. Lined with UHMW plastic it’ll do minimal damage to your bar. Many non-IPF Powerlifting federations will use a full Mono-lift for training and competition. These dedicated racks are large, heavy, and expensive, costing $5000 or more. Our simple add-on allows you to simulate that function for significantly lower cost.

What is a monolift attachment and why is it useful for my workouts?

With traditional full size mono's the lifter will lift the weight up, then a spotter at the side pushes a lever to move the hooks forward, so that the lifter need not "walk out" the squat, or find their best starting position in the bench, they can set up in that position. Obviously you can't do that yourself. With our mono, the loaded bar will come to rest at the lowest position, pointing straight down. When the lifter lifts the bar up, the counter-weight will drop, swinging the hooks forward out of the way. After the lift, a slight lean forward is all it takes to get the bar back on the hooks.

In powerlifting competitions, it's often the walkout or walk back when the lifter has the most difficulty with the heavy weight, even dumping the bar off the back or over their head, both possibly causing injury to the lifter and spotters.

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Fits any rack with 2.3" x 2.3" uprights and 5/8" pin holes, including our Residential Rack, Utility Rack, Light Commercial or Brute Power Racks.