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The Brute Power Rack

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The most amazing Power Rack you will ever train in.

The rack you have been dreaming of. This heavy duty no-nonsense power rack is equipped with everything needed for training the optimal athlete. Recommended for college and university sports team gyms, and high performance facilities.

The Brute Squat Rack boasts some serious hardware. Made of 11 gauge steel with 3 inch tubing it comes complete with narrow 1.75″ pin spacing, dip bars, complete plate storage, top and bottom band pegs, a monkey chin up bar, band and chain storage, 6 -hooks and more.

Here is a breakdown of the benefits realized from using the this elite power rack.

1. Multiple users at once
Up to four athletes could be working on this one squat rack at a time.

2. Complete storage solution
There is no need to purchase additional storage capacity when buying the Brute rack. With 2-barbell holders, chain/band pegs and enough plate storage for over 1,000lbs in plate.

3. Extremely well built
The 3″x3″ tubing is 11 gauge, the whole rack weighs nearly 500lbs. It will last for generations.

4. Multi purpose
Bench, squat, chin ups, dips, shrugs, are just a few of the exercises you can do on this rack.

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Specs MM Inches
Tubing 75 2.95
Gauge 11
Total width 1730 68.11
Total Depth 1950 76.77
Total Height 2290 90.16
J hook to hook 1080 42.52
Hole Spacing 45 1.77
Weight 216kg 475lbs


Accessories Monkey Chin Up Bar 1 Adjustable Band Pegs 4 Safety Catch Bars 4 Dip Attachment 1 J Hooks 6 Bar Holders (Rear Mounted) 2 Fat Grip Chin Up Stations (Rear Mounted) 2 Number Of Holes 45 Plate Storage Pegs 12 Band and Chain Holders 2