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Titan worked with the manufacturer of their Titex line to negotiate lower prices, and we have passed that savings on. Prices shown are 30% to 40% reduced from previous prices. The LOWEST price IPF Approved weights you can buy, bar none (no pun intended!)

IPF Approved and Competition ready sets of TITEX Calibrated weights. Chose how many 25 kg plates you need, and if you need a TITEX IPF Approved bar and collars, or a set of TITEX "Record" plates (2 x 500gr, 2 x 250gr). All sets include 2 each of 20, 15, 10, 5, 2.5 and 1.25 kg plates.

New rules in the CPU require that national records must be done using IPF approved weights and bars only, TITEX is your lowest cost option for that.

Note: Shipping rates cannot be determined by online methods, please use our Contact page to enquire about shipping. Include your full address. Select the "Invoice" payment option, the shipping costs will be determined and added to your order and an invoice sent.

All TITEX items are warehoused in Calgary, local customers can pick up and avoid all shipping charges.