TITEX Trainer Powerlifting Bar

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  • From Titan Support Systems, the World Leader in Powerlifting products
  • Calibrated to IPF Specifications, but NOT "IPF Approved", to keep the price as low as possible (the fees would add $50 per bar)
  • Heat Strengthened Steel Alloy – bar strength is substantially increased over standard steel specs through an additional heat treating process.
  • 200,000 psi - one of the highest strength ratings of any bar in the sport
  • Course knurling, very similar to a Texas bar, but a bit smoother in the center so it's easier on your back when squatting.
  • 29 mm bar shaft – maximum IPF diameter for maximum strength and reduced bar whip.
  • Black Oxidized Shaft – inhibits rust with a super durable finish that does not impact knurling. The finish is approximately 1 micrometer thick (one thousandth of a millimeter).
  • Hardened Satin Chrome Sleeves – prevents rust, allows for easier sliding of plates onto the sleeve and provides an attractive contrast to the shaft,
  • Hi-Performance Bushings - Self-lubricating oil impregnated bronze bushings ensure
    • optimal rotation
    • maximum weight disbursement over the length of the bushing and sleeve to prevent seizing
    • maximum durability
  • Limited Lifetime warranty warrantied against bar failure (bending)

Does not cover damage from:

  • Drops – intentional or unintentional, including drops onto safety spotters, safety apparatus or racks
  • Rack work – rack training carries an inherently high drop risk onto safety pins. (Utility bars are recommended for this type of training).
  • Normal wear and tear

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Flat rate shipping of $40 for all StrongArm bars to Canadian customers, USA customers. $80 C (about $58 USD). For multiples, use our Contact Page to enquire about rates.

All TITEX items are warehoused in Calgary, local area customers can pick up and avoid all shipping charges.

Customer Reviews

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TITEX Trainer Powerlifting Bar

Awesome Bar

I’ve been using this bar for about 2 months now and I love it! It feels great. The knurling is aggressive but not crazy. The center knurling is less aggressive so it doesn’t bite into your back as bad. Overall it’s a great bar for the price.