ZONE Ammonia

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“ZONE” is one of the newest and hottest products on the market. ZONE is a step ahead in the smelling salts / ammonia inhalants. It lasts longer, better quality, stronger and delivers the instant adrenaline boost you need.


Some of the highlights of ZONE:

  1. Longer life than the competitors
  2. Easier to keep in your gym bag, as it is not a liquid, SO NO EXPLODING OR LEAKING.
  3. Not an active ammonia until a small amount of water is added. Literally a water bottle cap full (15ml)
  4. Long Shelf life and easy storage…the competitors’ products get weaker the longer they are on the shelf.
  5. Endorsed by some of the top powerlifters and Athletes in the world.
  6. “Reusable” where caps are single use.
  7. One bottle is commonly good for 3 to 6 months of use.
Keep away from children
-Avoid contact with eyes and mouth
-Keep bottle 6 inches from nose
-Do not use if allergic or pregnant