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StrongArm Competition Collars will complete any set of competition quality powerlifting gear at a reasonable price. 

With a full chrome finish and a body made of solid steel, these hefty barbell weigh 2.5kg each and feature a two-piece, easy-to-adjust star design and T-handle to get them good and tight on your bar.

At $80 a pair, these are the lowest price competition style collars you'll find.

Customer Reviews

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Great collars

Worth the money would recommend getting these collars.

Ben Weinberger
Competition collars

Used them for a week when one locked up. Tried to unscrew it and even tried using a hammer wrapped in a towel. Emailed asking for advice or if it's defective and was told to keep hitting it with a plate which just resulted in the collar chipping. still locked and ended up buying from a different company.

Gregg Nussey

StrongArm Competition Collars

Yaroslav Mormil
Excellent Value Collars

Great collars for the cost. I've yet to be disappointed with a strongarm product.

Strong arm collars

I bought these collars about 3 years ago. They are extremely durable and I really like them. The only issue that I have ever had with them is that they don’t fully lock. When I spin the collar onto the bar it will just continue to spin. They come loose very easily. With that being said, I still enjoy them and they still somewhat lock the plates in place the majority of the set.