The StrongArm Team

StrongArm Sport is proud to sponsor a number of athletes with free equipment from Titan and other of our suppliers. 

The team has a couple of sport veterans, and a number of up-and-comers that will represent us well at national and international contests. 


Garrett Bentley

 Currently I am ranked as the #1 Male equipped bench presser in Canada as well as holding the largest equipped bench press (370kg) ever done nationally. 

I am a multi time international team member having won multiple NAPF and Commonwealth Championships as well as having competed at both Classic and Equipped Worlds championships. 
I most recently placed 3rd at Equipped Bench Worlds and am currently training with the goal of winning my first world championship. 
I’m looking forward to working with Strong Arm sports on my way to worlds. 

Peter Wylie

My name is Peter Wylie I am a M1 74kg lifter from Paris Ontario Canada. I started lifting with the powerlifting group at Ultimate Fitness Gym in Renfrew and Arnprior Ontario in 2018. I quickly became addicted to the sport after competing in my first competition within a year of starting at their local meet.  I followed up that meet by competing and winning my first Ontario Provincials in 2018, a title which I continue to defend. I hold the squat (210kg), deadlift (267.5kg) and total (600kg) records in Ontario and ranked 1st nationally and 7th worldwide in 2022. My best and favorite lift is deadlift with a personal best of 267.5kg in competition. I was excited to compete in my first Canadian Nationals competition in 2023 and finished 2nd. I look forward to continuing my training towards future goals such as qualifying and attending worlds and NAPF events.  I continue to train under the guidance of Luke Homer of Ultimate Fitness Gym, while training out of my home gym in Paris, Ontario. 

Zaid Ibraheim

 Hi, I am Zaid Ibrahiem, I have been training and competing in powerlifting for the past 4 years, it has been an awesome and rewarding journey. In 2023, I did my first Canadian Powerlifting Union Nationals and came out in first place in the Open -120kg category. I am excited to be representing team Canada at international championships and hope to bring back home some medals along the way with the help of Mike and his team! 


Luke Homer
 Luke Homer Has Represented Canada on numerous international stages including multiple world and Commonwealth championships; both as a 66 and 74 kg athlete, both raw, and equipped. Lukes sights are set on competing at next year's World championships in Iceland with hopes to qualify and compete at the World games in China 2025. Luke has also represented coaching staffs to team Ontario, and Canada on multiple occasions. Luke has been a strong arm athlete now for just over one year.



 Chris Aviado 
I started competing back in 2014 with the help of my co-workers.  I've so far achieved the following record(s).
Retired M1 Ontario Provincial Squat Record
Current Open and M1 Ontario Provincial Bench only and  3 Lift Bench Record
Current M1 Ontario Provincial Deadlift Record
Current M1 Ontario Provincial Total Record
Current Open and M1 National Bench Only and 3 Lift Bench record.
Current M1 Bench Only
Current 3 Lift World Bench Record
North Americans
Current Open and M1 NAPF Bench Only Record Record
Current Open and M1 Commonwealth Bench Only Record
Current Goals:
To qualify for next worlds with hopes to bring my 3 lift Bench Record higher.  
Best lift:
Bench is my bench favourite lift - it is the only lift u stare at death directly in its eyes.
My most favorite lifter in the sport is Eddie Berglund of Sweden. My most inspirational are pretty much all the master lifters. Being able to continue at a later age always motivates me to keep going.  And as always a big thanks to my good friend and co-worker Matthew Griffin for getting me out of the office to hit the gym and push me into competing.


 Do you think you have what it takes to join our team?

We are looking for lifters that people are watching, because their lifting is exciting. Up-and-comers, or already established stars, who have large social media following.  You'll help promote us, and in return get free Titan and StrongArm apparel to wear. Wraps, belts, singlets, suits, shoes, whatever, and our best prices on hardware if you need it.

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