About the Owner

StrongArm Sport is owned and operated by Mike Armstrong of Calgary, Alberta. 

Mike is one of the most well known figures on the Canadian Powerlifting scene, at least in CPU / IPF circles. His first contest was in 1985, and you could say he's been hooked ever since. Since then, he has served as Alberta Powerlifting Union President, Canadian Powerlifting Union President, Vice-President and Secretary (his current position). Mike has previously maintained the CPU website, national records, national team arrangements for international contests. He's trained a number of lifters over the years, including a team of blind lifters. 

Mike has also been an IPF Category 1 referee since 1999, and refereed some of the best lifters in the world. He's also coached teams, in 2013 he was head coach of the world Masters team that won the Master 1 team trophy. 

First and foremost a lifter, Mike has lifted in over 60 contests from the local to IPF Men's Open World level, with best lifts of 295 k in squat, 230.5 in equipped bench, 197.5 raw (an IPF World Record), and 311 k in the deadlift, lifting in all classes from 100 k up to Super's. In 2015 he collected a GOLD Medal at the IPF Master Benchpress World Championships (see the photo below). 

As a Meet director, Mike has run meets at every level possible, from local 20 lifter events, to provincial, regional and national championships, and held the 2018 IPF Classic Worlds, 750 lifters over 12 days of lifting. 

StrongArm Sport, originally known as ER Canada, came about when a training partner of Mike's wanted to purchase an ER rack, but a few phone calls revealed that no one in Canada sold them, and the USA dealers of them would not ship to Canada, due to issues with duty, taxes, broker fees, etc. Those who had one bought them over the border, or from meet directors of past world championship events they'd been imported for. So he contacted Erik Rasmussen in Denmark, who was looking for a Canadian dealer. After working out the shipping and import details, Mike is now that dealer.

Since then, the product line has grown to include his own line of StrongArm racks, bars, plate stands, referee lights and more, Titan Support Systems products, Titex weight and bars, the Texas bar line, Beast Genetics belts, Bells of Steel gym equipment, and much more. Sales have been very good, with customers from BC to Newfoundland being served.

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