Strongman Equipment

Welcome the StrongArm Strongman page! 

Our background is in Powerlifting, the home of some very strong people.  Strongman is another level of Strong!  Once described to me as "pickup your heaviest deadlift ever (311 kg for me)... and walk around with it for 10 minutes!" We have the greatest respect for Strongman, and Strongwoman and what they do.  

The BEST way to get strong for an event is to do it. I don't know any powerlifter that doesn't squat, bench or deadlift.  Not so easy with Strongman, normal gyms don't have famers walk bars, circus dumbbells, axle bars, atlas stones, Conan wheels and so on. We won't have all of that to start, but that's the goal. 

Our Partners

We are partnering up a great Canadian company, Resolute Strength of Calgary.  The page below lists their more common equipment items.  For a more complete look at their items we carry, click the Strongman menu above and select their separate pages.  Some items that don't come from them will be put here also.