New and Incoming Items

With incoming stock slowly starting to come back to predictability, we thought it was time to set up a page like this, about our NEW or in in some cases, replacements for some items that were very difficult to get.  Also some lists of expected arrival dates for existing items.  

Currently international shipping is extremely congested, wait times at ports are longer, transit times are longer, unload and process times, etc, etc.  The dates listed are still subject to delays for this reason.  

Incoming Items

A full container of existing and new goods are expected the week of June 21-25 (barring delays).  Existing items include our Reverse Hyper, Dumbbell bars, Deadlift Jack, Plate tree, competition collars.  See below about the new items.  

Strongarm Bars - All Strongarm bars are due around mid July (Squat, Power and Sumo DL are in stock now, Buffalo, Black Zinc Power and Conventional DL bars coming) 

Strongarm Pounder plates - Mid to late July

Strongarm Calibrated Plates - Late July

Strongarm Combo rack - Mid to late July

Bells of Steel Items - Our warehouse partner is also getting more stock in, and we will repost those items as they come in.  

NEW Items! 

The items below are new to us, or in some cases are replacements for items we sold previously from other suppliers, but proved impossible to get in. Quantities are limited initially, but will increase in future, depending on sales.