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StrongArm Buffalo Bar
StrongArm Buffalo Bar
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StrongArm Buffalo Bar

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Our all-new StrongArm Buffalo bar was built from the ground up and made to our own specs. Here are the improvements:

  • A better quality of steel using a superior steel, thicker than normal, 32mm Chromium alloy steel.
  • Nicer finish: Black Zinc finish to prevent rusting, with chrome plated sleeves
  • Bigger and badder a full 92 inches, with an extra thick shaft, weight is 50 lbs.
  • Aggressive knurl as any self-respecting powerlifting bar does, the new buffalo bar features are sharp knurling found on our Barenaked power bars.
  • 3" drop at the rings.  With the bar on the floor, the top of the bar at the center is 7.25 inches from the floor. At the rings the top of the bar is 4.25 inches up, a difference of 3". 

So you’ve been in the gym squatting and benching like there's no tomorrow. Hitting all the PR’s. But all that huge weight you’ve been slingin around is beating up your shoulders.

Enter the Buffalo Bar. This is not just some super bent bar. The Buffalo Bar is strategically designed to alleviate stress from your shoulders while squatting, benching. A huge benefit of a cambered bar is that it is still very similar to a regular movement with a stiff bar, you even grip the bar like a proper squat but with significantly less pressure on your shoulder joints. Unlike a Safety Squat Bar, the Buffalo Bar can be used for upper body movements too!

It’s the perfect bar for off-season training, and one of the best options to push up your volume in-season without doing any damage to your body or doing a completely different movement. Other than the Squat and Good Morning, the Buffalo Bar is great for the bench. With the Buffalo Bars signature bow in the bar, you will be able to add several inches to your range of motion. This will help to strengthen your press of the chest as well as assisting with muscular development.

The StrongArm Buffalo bar is every bit the same quality level as a Kabuki Duffalo bar, but a Duffalo will cost you nearly three times the price.

The Buffalo Bar has many benefits to any athlete, and if you already suffer from shoulder pain or just want to help prevent it, the Buffalo Bar is a must!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Emilio Coletta
Amazing Buffalo Bar

Great quality, aggressive knurl, very comfortable fit, great price, would give 6 stars if I could

Dale Credico

It's a great bar for high rep heavy breathing squats and I thank J.C. Hise and Mark Berry.

Garry MacDonald
Strongarm Buffalo Bar

The bar I received was of high quality, great knerling, and a bright black finish. Excellent value for the money. I've used it for squats and bench and loved the feel on my shoulders. Highly recommend.


Amazing, among the best purchases I’ve made in workout equipment.

This is highly subjective, but, from my point of view everything about this buffalo bar
is superior to traditional barbell when it comes to bench press training.

My shoulders have never felt so good doing bench presses due to the increased space created in the rotator cuff from the slight external rotation due to the curvature of the bar. Furthermore, I get an increased bench depth so I can train in bigger ranges of motion.

Better in safety of joints, and better in training in bigger ranges of motion. Also has an awesomely aggressive knurling to boot - much deeper grooves compared to my Eleiko performance barbell. Even the initial laying down on the bench, I don’t have to worry as much about hitting the back of my head.

Giles Weeden
Strongarm Buffalo Bar

This bar is very well designed and the build quality is fantastic, especially for the price. I highly recommend!

Robert Batista
Great for weathered shoulders

After 38 yrs of lifting my shoulders simply hate straight bar squats. Warm ups take as long as work sets. This bar changed that and makes squatting fun again. I've been using a SSB as well but this bar feels more like a standard squat. Super comfortable and beefy with nice knurling. Make sure your j hooks can swing in so you don't tip it over.
The packaging was a nightmare and the box came literally split in two with a bandaid amount of clear tape. That said, the bar was in perfect condition.

a) wrap a little ring of athletic tape on outside of center knurling so you know you are perfectly centered when you get under the bar.

b) I started warm up sets with my hands at edge of bar with light weight then slowly brought them in over time to find my most comfortable elbow / shoulder position.

C) first half of workout was to a box so I could get used to upper body position. After that felt comfortable, I removed box and worked my way down to full pause squats.

D) watch your fingers while racking weight and at bottom with safety bars!!!! Your hands will likely be wider than you are accustomed to and the bar sits way below your shoulders! Adjust your safety pins.

brian weir
Buffalo bar

Excellent quality and price love this bar and recommended buying from strong arm sports great equipment

Chris Carpenter
Buffalo Bar

When I first got the bar the package was destroyed but I won't put that against strongarm since it was coming from Canada to New Mexico. Unpacked the bar and there was no damage on the bar. I've been using it for 2 weeks and can say it is definitely my favorite specialty bar at a great value without breaking the bank. I would highly recommend this bar for anyone still in the market for a buffalo bar.

Alex Fee
Buffalo bar

Extremely satisfied with the bar. Was worried about any whip in the bar over 600lbs, but it is incredibly solid. Knurling is good, but not super aggressive. I also have the Strong-arm deadlift bar and have nothing but positive things to say about this brand, especially for the price point

Buffalo bar

Bought on Boxing Day - decades of contact sports and training heavy have been rough on the shoulders. this baby is a gem - everything i wanted from the first minute i unracked it. put 495lbs on it early this week and it felt…so good. Highly recommend in general, but particularly for those with shoulder issues. have used for BP and SP too…love it. Buy this bar.