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StrongArm Camber Bar Attachment

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The StrongArm Camber attachment.  

All of the reasonably priced dedicated Camber Bars we have seen may work well for the "camber" part, meaning the dropped weights, but tend to be pretty crappy bars, the part between the collars.  Smooth, inconsistent knurling, or too small or too big diameter.  

With this attachment, you can turn your own favourite squatting bar into a camber bar, and for a fraction of the price.  A Rogue camber bar is $385 C (and has NO knurling at all) and their Pro Loc Camber attachment is $176 including collars that you might not need.  

What does a Camber bar do? By lowering the weight, it changes the centre of gravity, moving it forward, putting more emphasis on your hamstrings and lower back.  Think of it as doing both a squat and a "Good Morning" at the same time.  

Another great use for this attachment is for overhead presses when you have low ceilings, like in a basement gym.  

Ours are not the only such product out there, but at $119.95 a pair, they are the lowest price! 

Customer Reviews

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Blair Warren
Excellent Quality.

The equipment was in perfect condition upon arrival . Shipped quickly and has been added into my daily workout routine. Thank you

Great addition

Great addition to my home gym. Would recommend for sure.

Bill F
Perfect for low ceiling

I can now do standing OHP in my 7' basement without putting holes in the ceiling. Fast shipping, great price, and quality product

Luis Andujar

Great option to add variety to your trainning. Transform your Straight Bar into a Cambered Bar. Transform your SSB into a Spider Bar!

Bart Trojanowski
Saved my overhead press!!!

I initially got these to be able to do military press in my basement (low ceilings), but I especially love these for squats. They feel strangely comfortable at the bottom of the squat, and even though I cannot squat as much weight, I feel they improve my form and stability.

Well constructed, fit my barbell snug, and take regular plates and collars.

Very impressed, wish I had them sooner.