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the StrongArm Camber attachment.  

All of the reasonably priced dedicated Camber Bars we have seen may work well for the "camber" part, meaning the dropped weights, but tend to be pretty crappy bars, the part between the collars.  Smooth, inconsistent knurling, or too small or too big diameter.  

With this attachment, you can turn your own favourite squatting bar into a camber bar, and for a fraction of the price.  A Rogue camber bar is $385 C (and has NO knurling at all) and their Pro Loc Camber attachment is $176 including collars that you might not need.  

What does a Camber bar do? By lowering the weight, it changes the centre of gravity, moving it forward, putting more emphasis on your hamstrings and lower back.  Think of it as doing both a squat and a "Good Morning" at the same time.  

Another great use for this attachment is for overhead presses when you have low ceilings, like in a basement gym.  

Ours are not the only such product out there, but at $109.95 a pair, they are the lowest price! 

Customer Reviews

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Jonathan Tremblay
This will dwarf you.

It's not like a cambered bar.

Not at all.

Put these devil's device on a rotating sleeves.

It's harder.

You will shake.

You will be dwarfed by tiny pounders.

Sweat will run down your face twisted by swears and wonderful pain.

And humily will rise.

This is not a cambered bar. It's better.*

Really, I mean it. Those are so cheap to add to your gym.

With a good powder coating, works with normal collars (at least for me), and the shipping was fast and the box had wood inside to protect the package. A++

I have only but good word for my first buy at Strongarm... Just bought a house, so my next purchase will have to wait a bit, but I will certainly get some calibrated plates, a Buffalo bar, a deadlift bar and many other things too...

* If you want the exact cambered bar feeling, put it on a axle bar nor a "normal bar". It will be the same and a lot cheaper than the "real thing".

Camber bar extension

Awesome product and well built

Mitchel Mahler
Camber Bar Attachment

Love this attachment, really helping with keeping my bar path proper by making me keep the bar balanced. Great quality. Great addition to my home gym!

A must for a geared lifters on a budget!

I'm a multiply lifter and I was in need of a camber bar but wasn't looking to spend $300 to get a quality camber bar. I bought these just as an experiment and my Friday squat session was absolutely amazing with them! I've never had so much low back, glute and hamstring work from just standard squats It was amazing!

Camber bar attachment

Great attachment, high quality, super fast customer service!