StrongArm Conventional Deadlift Bar
StrongArm Conventional Deadlift Bar
StrongArm Conventional Deadlift Bar
StrongArm Conventional Deadlift Bar
StrongArm Conventional Deadlift Bar
StrongArm Conventional Deadlift Bar

StrongArm Conventional Deadlift Bar

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What is a "Deadlift" bar and why would you need one?

If you are really serious about your lifting, and moving some serious weight, like deadlifts of 600 lbs, 700 lbs, 800 lbs, or even more, a deadlift bar may be perfect for you.

StrongArm Deadlift bars are:

- More flexible than a regular power bar. Deadlifting on a regular bar means pulling from a "dead" start, in other words, from zero to 100% of the weight all at once. With a more flexible bar though, the centre of the bar will rise 3 or 4 inches before the weights start to lift, and when they do the plates that are on the inside will lift first, moving towards the outer edge. The result of this is a smoother, more progressive acceleration of the weight, allowing you to lift more actual weight. Most lifters that use a deadlift bar will tell you that they can pull 40 or 50 lbs more with a deadlift bar compared to a standard power bar.

- Thinner than a regular power bar. Most power bars are 29 or 30 mm, a StrongArm deadlift bar is 27 mm. This thinness contributes to the flexibility, and also lets you get more of your hands and fingers around the bar. Particularly important if you use the double overhand "hook" grip.

- Longer sleeves than a regular bar. The longer sleeves allow for more weight to be put on, especially necessary if you are using gym plates, that tend to be wider than competition plates. The long shaft also contributes to the progressive pull that the DL bar is known for.

- Knurling tend to come in two varieties, small, fine points, with sharp tips, or large points with flat tips, (sometimes a bit concave, "volcano" shaped. When we designed our DL bars we told the manufacturer we wanted the best of both worlds, large points, sharply tipped. 

 Here's a closeup: 


- Knurling where you need it, not where you don't. Conventional pullers, meaning your hands are outside of your legs, want knurling for their grip, but not grabbing your thighs on the way up. This bar does that, the knurling to the outside, smooth in the middle.

- Custom made to our specifications, not an off-the-shelf bar.

- Made of Chromium alloy steel. Chromium allow is designed to add hardness to steel.

- Bar weight is 20 kg.

- Finish is bare steel on the shaft, with Chrome sleeves. 

"Conventional" or "Sumo"?
The Conventional bar is best for those that deadlift with their hands outside their legs, on the outer knurling. and the smooth part contacting your legs.

The Sumo bar is our own innovation, it has knurling 18" wide in the middle, where your hands will grip, and no knurling outside of that, where the bar will slide up your legs.




Want to keep that new bar looking and feeling new?  Use StrongBar barbell lubricant and rust protectant on it! 

$16.95 a bottle. 




For $379 you won't find a better bar for deadifting than ours.

Below is a review of the bar.  



Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Conventional deadlift bar

It’s an awesome bar. Ordered it on a Tuesday received it the following Thursday I had it shipped to Ontario. Excellent shipping time.


Quality is better than advertised! Amazing deadlift bar!

Giles Weeden
Conventional Deadlift Bar

Great bar for the price!

Strongarm Sport Conventional Deadlift Bar

Overall a great bar. The knurling is perfect and I actually think it provides a more solid grip than my bare steel Texas Power Bar. The bar gives twice as much bend as on a power bar. I find the extra "slack and bend" one has to deal with with this bar has slowed my deadlift down which is most likely just me learning the slightly different movement pattern. Only issue I had was the knurling on one side was off by 5/16 of an inch so poor quality control there. This was frustrating because I specifically asked in the comments section to have the knurling checked for accuracy and perfection prior to it being sent to me. I ended up filing off that 5/16 inch of knurling so now I can put my index finger at the ends of the knurling and know that I am set up in the right place. I really enjoy deadlifting with this bar. It is a beautiful bar! Squat bar next year Mike, but please double check that knurling, Ha,Ha!!!!

Wow, what a bar!

First real deadlift bar I have ever used and my PR just got light! Bar is a great price and I got it at 30% off for New Years! Now I am a powerlifter lol!
Bar came perfect, no rust or anything. Just perfect.

Jonathan Tremblay

For start, I was hesitant. Hesitant because there is many options out there, and only but a few reviews of the Strongarm Conventional DL bar...

From start, most of the options for Canadians are more expensive. Take a look at the Rogue one, even the bare steel will cost you 200$ CAD more... The Texas Power Bar, is even more expensive...

After this, I didn't know what to expect in terms of quality, knurling and such... I have a Texas power bar, and to tell you the truth, I found it a bit sharp for Deadlift. Lately, I had to scrape my hand like hell to ''get use'' to any sort of Deadlift with it... A Ohio Power bar would had been better, but I like the Texas so much for squat and bench...

My goal here is not to compete, I'm a working dad, and I just want to have fun in my garage gym. No show off, nothing. I'm just practicing powerlifting on my own.

Even if I tested the Rogue DL bar, after months and months I finally bought the Strongarm. Mike was very responsive explaining the ''knurling feeling'' compare to the Texas... One week later it arrived at the ups store*, and I went to get it a few days ago. The tube was damaged a bit in the center, but the bar was so well packed inside that nothing happened...

At the opening, I immediately saw that it was HEAVILY greased, which is A VERY GOOD THING. The bar was immaculate, shinning like a thousand start in the gym. It has this very nice sex apeal and I love the design of the sleeve. You can definitely see that it is a VERY high quality bar.

The knurling is definitely on-par with my Texas power bar, just a bit less sharp. From the moment I ordered the bar and I received it, I just kicked my butt to get through the sharp knurling of my Texas, and now I can say that I can appreciate the quality of this knurl. There is a bit of ''uneven'' knurling pattern here and there... But I also have the same ''issue'' with my Texas... Once your hands are on the bar, you'll feel nothing but a very nice knurl.

I haven't got time to test the ''rust'' resistance, but from what I've heard is this bar, even if it's bare steel, is VERY resistant to rust due to it's alloy.

I also haven't got time to lift heavy with it because I'm in a hypertrophy phase, so it's more high rep-medium weight, but I can already tell that it is very comfortable for high rep too. The heavy set will come in 4 weeks... and I expect I'll still be in love with it.

As for now, it's my second purchase with Mike, I already have a set of cambered attachments that I love. My next purchase will be calibrated plates to replace my Covid bumpers... And the Buffalo is also speaking to me... hmmm...

If you're hesitant like me and want a Rogue or Texas, and think you'll maybe like the Strongarm, well I can tell you that YOU WILL LIKE THE STRONGARM. It's a very good quality. Even if it's made in China, under right supervision you can get good stuff out of there, and Mike did it's job.

Thanks Mike!

*I had it delivered to a UPS store so that my wife would not notice... She thinks I already having too much fun in that garage gym already and she's jealous...

Some people do drugs, adultery, and wear weird sexual clown costumes.

I do barbells.

Thanks for the great review Jon!

Joe Carroll
great product

Best bang for buck, pulls feel the same or even better then the rogue OhiI deadlift bar and for hundreds less

Excellent Bar and Reasonably Priced!

Packaging was solid and no issues with the bar when unboxed. Well protected with foam wraps. I haven’t used a d/l bar for around twenty years, so it was nice work with one again. Been using my Rogue OHP, which does the trick, but I’m really enjoying the 27mm diameter and the the whip the StrongArm d/l Bar offers. It really makes deadlifting more enjoyable than it already is.

Jonathan St-Pierre
Best value deadlift bar

Superb quality, recommend 100%

Michael Skilnick
StrongArm conventional deadlift bar

Love it. I had been using a Rogue deadlift bar prior to getting this one and didn't know what to expect with regards to quality and such but I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled it out the other day and heavy deadlifts popped up much more easily than I had expected. I brought it to the gym and buddy pulled a new 1RM PR with it; he is happy about it as well.

Would recommend, $400 well spent.