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The one thing anyone who lifts weights needs is a good bar.  Stiff, well knurled, accurate and solid.  Our Strongarm meets all of these requirements and more.  

- Finish is bare steel on the shaft, with Chrome sleeves. 

- deep knurling for a great grip

- narrow collars, allowing more weight to be loaded

- ribbing on the sleeves to help your collars to grip better.

Tensile Strength: 210,000 PSI
1500 lb capacity.

At just $299 you won't find a better Power bar for a better price.

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Want to keep that new bar looking and feeling new?  Use StrongBar barbell lubricant and rust protectant on it! 

$16.95 a bottle. 




Customer Reviews

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squat/bench combo

I am so happy with this bench/squat combo. so nice to be able to adjust the heights of the bar without unloading anything for different size workout partners. A couple of things I would improve is the bench cover seems slippery so I have use something to stick to the bench better, yoga matt, bands, just ordered something called called lock down. the second this is the platform for the spotter seems a little short to get into a good position to spot. But for the price it is a sold unit and I love having it as an addition to my training gym.


StrongArm Power Bar

An excellent bar for the price

I ordered this barbell because i wanted one that recreates the feeling of a premium competition bar, and let me tell you, this bad boy is almost perfect!
The knurling added to that bare steel feeling is just godlike, the thin collars are exactly what i wanted and the longer central knurling is perfect for longer squat sets where the bar tends to slide down your back even on a power bar.
The only negative thing i could say about this barbell is that the powerlifting knurl marks are 800mm apart instead of the standard 810mm.
Thank you Mike for making such amazing products at a steal of a price!

Great bar, great price!

Well-built and TIGHT; aggressive knurling in the right spots - wish i would have found this a few years back, but i can always ditch my two other bars on Kijiji. Very easy dealing with Mike too - nice to shop local.

StrongArm rack and power bar

Mike really delivers with his StrongArm brand. It is solid and heavy. Mike is also very realistic about delivery dates and availability. I expected less but I got way more.