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The one thing anyone who lifts weights needs is a good bar.  Stiff, well knurled, accurate and solid.  Our Strongarm meets all of these requirements and more.  

- Choice of bare steel shaft or black zinc plated shaft 

- Sleeves on the bare steel bar are chrome, on the black zinc they are bare steel (an error by the factory, both will be chrome in the future) 

- deep knurling for a great grip

- narrow collars, allowing more weight to be loaded

- ribbing on the sleeves to help your collars to grip better.

Tensile Strength: 210,000 PSI
1500 lb capacity.

You won't find a better Power bar for a better price.

Flat rate shipping of $40 for all StrongArm bars to Canadian customers,

USA customers, please visit our US site,  



Want to keep that new bar looking and feeling new?  Use StrongBar barbell lubricant and rust protectant on it! 

$16.95 a bottle. 




Customer Reviews

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Dave D
Pitted and rust on bar.

Though the item was contained properly so it seemed the bar I purchased had pitting forming already under the black zinc paint and the sleeve on one end has about 4" area of surface rust. I'm a little disappointed on this one item, besides that Mike has been fantastic and no issues with other items I've purchased from StrongArm.

We told the factory 'Black zinc plating on the bar, and Chrome sleeves', but it seems they forgot about the second part, they left them as bare steel. Any surface rust can be removed with a wire brush or steel wool, and we'll send a bottle of our rust and corrosion protection oil, StrongBar, on request.

Excellent quality bar.

Very pleased with the bar. Very nice quality, great for the price. Good knurling, quality machining, and it shipped very quickly within Canada.

Allister Gallant
i’m lovin it

bar is amazing

Tarineau Squire
Top of the line

Honestly just as good if not better than the expensive IPF approved barbells. Love the knurling, barely have to use any chalk.

Vanessa Choy
Strongarm Rack and Bar

Purchased these items to start our home gym. Awesome quality products and excellent customer service.