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What is a SQUAT bar and why would you need one?

Are you squatting 300 lbs?  Our StrongArmPower Bar will work great for you.  But if you are doing 500, 600, or 1000 lbs or more, really serious weight, you should be using a squat bar.  

A squat bar is thicker than a regular bar, 32 mil compared to the 28 or 29 of most power bars, making it much stiffer.  When you hit the bottom of a heavy squat, you don't want that bar flexing downwards, making the weight feel even heavier.  It's also longer, allowing more weight to be put on the bar, and making it easier to get your hands outside of the rack hooks (very common for the bigger lifters). 

Lastly, the centre knurling is wider than any other bar, giving that "velcro" feel on your back.   

Bar weight is 25 kg, 55 lbs.  

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Want to keep that new bar looking and feeling new?  Use StrongBar barbell lubricant and rust protectant on it! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Squat bar to cherish.

Everything it promises and more. great knurl, excellent balance, feels GREAT on the back. Highly recommend for almost any lifter - great asset to any gym. Look, feel and finish are excellent - great value for a great bar. Thanks Mike!!

Steve Terry
Competition Squat Bar

Have used the competition squat bar 4 times since receiving it and it has been what I expected. I compete in about 4 sanctioned meets a year and it is essential to train with the same type of bar that will be used in meets. The other guys I train with that also compete, have given this bar a 5. The price was also a 5 star.

Philippe Fontaine

Good bar

Aaron Armstrong
StrongArm squat bar

The extra length allows me to take my hands out wider which is much more comfortable on my shoulders. The grippy knurling and extra mm's really holds the bar securely on my back. This is a very quality bar, and comes at a fantastic price point!

Guillaume Couture
Great purchase, no regrets whatsoever

I bought this bar for my home gym because I have an upcoming powerlifting competition that uses one, and I have never used one before. That being said, I absolutely love squatting with this bar, more so then my rogue power bar. The fact that it is longer makes it much less likely to hit the uprights when walking out of a rack. Also allows you to grip wider which helps with shoulder pain. The thicker diameter, longer center knurl, and zero whip crazy stiffness makes it feel much more stable on my back. It came with a small chip on one of the sleeves from shipping, otherwise the bar is flawless and the bare steel looks totally badass. At the price it cannot be beat compared to the competition.