Titan Brahma 13 mm Lever Belt

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A custom made,maximum thickness,world-class lever belt! The heaviest, strongest in its class.

  • Texas State Lever - high strength alloy construction with a pearlized satin nickel finish. A distinctive Texas State embossed logo confirms authenticity.
  • Leather - "Firm" North American sole bend core for maximum strength and support. (Stiff body construction)
  • Suede - super premium quality suede inside and outside
  • Stitching - six rows of heavy stitching
  • 13mm thick body - maximum allowed by the IPF
  • Holes - eleven holes spaced at intervals of 1" / 2.5cm


Customer Reviews

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Great lever belt

I personally am enjoying this belt. Not as stiff as Inzer so break in time won't take too long. The lever is small enough which doesn't cause any bruising on the thing like some other lever belts. Overall a great belt. I've been a double prong user for several years and was weary to switch to lever especially with my previous experience with buckles causing bruises. I decided to try it once again as 13cm double prong belts for Titan wasn't available at the time. It's finally broken in the belt and have to say, I love this belt. Thanks Mike.