Titan Yellow Jacket Knee Sleeves
Titan Yellow Jacket Knee Sleeves
Titan Yellow Jacket Knee Sleeves - NEW!
Titan Yellow Jacket Knee Sleeves - NEW!

Titan Yellow Jacket Knee Sleeves

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If you just want to keep your knees a bit warm, you can get a pair of plain Rehband sleeves.

But.... if you want to get the best help that you can for your squat while staying within the "Unequipped" definition, you need a pair of the NEW Yellow Jackets.

Other brands may be more elastic, and FEEL tight, but all that elastic is stretching while you squat. The whole point of a sleeve is to STAY tight. Yellow Jackets are stiffer than any other sleeve on the market, giving you that CONSISTENT tightness throughout the lift. Its not just a 10 inch rubber band around your knee.

StrongArm Owner Mike Armstrong, an IPF referee, has spoken to a number of high level lifters at IPF Raw Worlds. Many that were wearing the new Yellow Jackets reporting having used SBD sleeves previously, but preferred the Yellow Jackets, finding that they had greater stiffness without feel so tight the lower legs went numb. World champion level lifters, and they preferred the Titan product.

IPF Approved for Equipped and RAW Lifting! 1 Week Size Exchange, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee when sized as listed.

Sold in pairs only.

Sizing Chart

Note: Only S, M, L and XL are available in the latest version. XS, XXS XXL and XXXL are older models. 

A Note on Sizing: Suggested sizes are only recommendations. We see 300 lb lifters buy Medium to get the tightest fit possible, while 160 lb lifters will buy 2XL. Warranties are void if you purchase smaller than suggested sizes.

Customer Reviews

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Clayton Taylor
Waste of money

Pictures are not of the actual product. Titan has seemingly updated the designs and both the appearance and fit are different, and these pictures are of the old design. I ordered replacements for my pair that were stolen, exact same size and design. What arrived looked different from the website, are way smaller, and have a terribly jagged seam down the back.

Contacted support and was offered a refund, but after I asked to exchange for a larger size instead I received no response, and still didn't after sending another message.

Sorry about that Clayton, not sure what happened. We'll get you out a pair of large today. We only have the latest style available in that size.


Not representative of shipped product. Picture shows a different style and fit from what arrived.

Donna Marts
Wrong size sleeves sent

I ordered small sleeves but medium sleeves were sent. I sent them back and am waiting on hopefully the correct size so ask me again when I hopefully get what I ordered.

Leeland Hiebert
Different design

These sleeves have a different design than any sleeve I’ve used before. I’ve had the OG yellowjackets and SBD sleeves. There is a band of stitching in the back that is incredibly uncomfortable as it shreds the back of my leg. Ended up ordering another brand of sleeve after these arrived and I tried them

Maria Mezei
They just showed up

You may have shipped it 2 weeks ago. They showed up just at the end of last week because UPS is garbage and didn't have my street number on the address. After multiple random updates from them, including saying they tried to deliver but need a signature, which was impossible because before that they said they didn't have my address, I had to call them, go through the hell that is their offshore call center, and wait even longer. Your advertised 6 business day delivery wasn't even close. It was easter weekend, so when I finally can use them I'm sure they'll be good. I tried them on the appear to be good quality.

All black Yellow jacket knee sleeves

The new classic black is definitely an improvement. I love the all black look vs the original yellow jacket colors. The neoprene isn't quite as solid as I would like but still does a great job at a reasonable price point.

Chris Aviado
New Classic Black

The new classic black is definitely an improvement. Has a slightly cone shape vs the straight sleeves. The simple all black look is also a nice touch vs the sublimated yellow jackets. It definitely coordinates more easily with the rest of the equipment. I still do think it can add more oomph to the neoprene but it definitely does the job. Looking forward to the new TKS sleeves which I believe will be the game changer.

Jordan Feenstra
Hoooooo Weeeeee

The sleeves are great. This is my first pair of 7mm neoprene sleeves and I am super satisfied. I bought them in x-large as that was the recommend size for my measurements and they are very comfy. Due to the price of gas I have been biking 20km to and from work so they may not fit as snug as I had hoped however when the snow comes in and I take advantage of driving to work again to put more weight on that should give me a nice little squeeze. Even being on the slightly larger end of the recommendation they still make me feel super solid in the squat.
Would def recommend!
Love em!

Tashell Kerr
Amazing service

Hands down the best service I've received making orders online. The sleeves fit well and perform better than expected.

Sergii Sopilko
Titan Yellow Jacket Knee Sleeves

Great knee sleeves! Absolutely as described.
I had problems with knee pain (patella pain) and now with Titan Yellow Jacket Knee Sleeves I can do my squats and dead lifts without any problem. 100% recommend. Thank you.