Titanium Wristwrap

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IPF Approved

  • Springier and more Flexible for Maximum Revolutions

Wraps tend to come in two styles: a) Very stiff materials, that are don't stretch a lot, so they need length to provide enough layers, or b) stretchy materals that you can pull longer to get that nice tight feel. THP and Signature Gold are the former, Titanium's are the latter. If you like a stretchy wrap, Titanium are the wrap for you!

- 19.5 inch (50 cm) - not too long and bulky, but still good for smaller wrists.
- 24 inch - long enough for most, this is the maximum length allowed by 100% Raw Fed.

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Mike Wilson
Something I should have probably been using for a while?

I purchased these due to a slight wrist sprain from some Viking presses.

I never noticed the injury until the next day and I can only attribute it to the lift.

That being said, it was only a slight sprain and I still wanted to train(albeit with a little less weight).

Wrist wraps seemed the logical choice. I immediately bought a cheap pair to see if they would make a difference and they did, so I then sourced these Titanium Wristwraps from Strongarm Sport.

Couldn't be happier. These are strong with a good amount of flex to stabilize the wrist, without being uncomfortable.

This isn't my first purchase from Strongarm, but it has been awhile, but still, the service and speed of shipping is PHENOM!

100% satisfied in every way with the product and the company.