Strongarm Financing

StrongArm Sport is proud to offer two great financing options to our customers:  

Paybright is a consumer level financing system, with financing for purchases of $500 or more, with interest rates much lower than traditional credit cards.  Easy to apply for, any purchase you make will have a Paybright button on the Payment page, it takes you to the Paybright site to fill out their forms.  


First Capital Leasing is a business level system, a great option for gym owners.  

- leasing your equipment offers greater business tax deduction options

- minimum $5000 purchase

- No payment for the first 3 months.  A great feature if you are opening a new gym, and don't have membership income yet, you don't have to come up with any cash for equipment until revenue starts coming in. 

To apply, contact StrongArm with your list of purchase items to get a quote and we will put you in contact with First Capital