Strongarm Thick Pad
Strongarm Thick Pad

Strongarm Thick Pad

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Replace your existing bench pad with the Strongarm Thick Pad

Why a Thick pad? A thick pad offers improved shoulder mobility for exercises like dumbbell presses or fly's, where you want that maximum stretch, or for smaller lifters where a harder bench can infringe your shoulders.  Also you can arch easier, while staying in full contact with the bench.  

Improved Mighty-Grip vinyl helps prevent slipping when benching.

Compare your bench's mounting measurements, chances are it will fit.  

Note:  This Fat Pat will fit the Strongarm Heavy Duty bench and Combo rack.  

FEATURES • 355.6mm/14” width  Sticky vinyl upholstery  16.3kg/36lbs weight  Carbon fiber color  Easy assembly  109.2mm/4.3” thickness  1,000lb capacity

Customer Reviews

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Strongarm bench pad

Great upgrade for my Strongarm bench. High end materials. Very well built.

Would definitely recommend.

Alvin P
Great Pad!... However...

In June of 2022, I inquired about whether this item would fit the Heavy Duty Bench 2.0 - the StrongArm bench that is typically included with the Combo Rack - and whether I would need to drill any additional holes/modify the pad to fit the HDB 2.0 frame. Mike confirmed that "It should be an easy swap with the bolts on it now Alan, no drilling or other hardware required. "

After about a year of putting it off I finally decided to pull the trigger. I purchased the pad about a 1.5 weeks ago and.... The pad does not fit the StrongArm frame.
That being said, I had a Bells of Steel thick pad bench and that happened to accommodate this StrongArm/Bells of Steel fat pad. Both of the hardware are different between the BoS bench and the Heavy Duty bench, so not only are dimensions incompatible, but also the hardware.

Other than that, there isn't anything wrong with the pad itself. Its thick, wide, heavy, sturdy - its a great item to have. I actually prefer this pad to be on the Bells of Steel frame as the rollers included make it easier to move away.
I'm disappointed that I was told that there should be no compatibility issues, and unfortunately found out that wasn't the case. Hope this clears anything up for any users who own the bench that is included with the combo rack set.

Bradley Tremblett

Strongarm Thick Pad

Ra'am Akiba-Hajim
Wide and solid

Good piece of equipment, came fast and is solidly built. My only comment would be it’s less cushiony then some other bench pads. So if you want to have a little give to your bench pad this one is on the firm side. It functionally works like an expanded raised and more sturdy competition bench.

Nicolas Petit
Awesome bench pad !!

Great customer service and pad. Needed a new bench pad and had been contemplating getting a fat pad. Looked at a few options and quality/ price, this is completely unbeatable !! Would recommend 💯