Flat / Incline Bench
Flat / Incline Bench
Flat / Incline Bench
Flat / Incline Bench

Flat / Incline Bench

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The latest addition to our range, the StrongArm Utility Bench puts others on the market to shame. Weighing over 40KG and constructed from 3mm laser cut steel and is as solid as they come.

The seat and back pads can be adjusted to numerous positions for greater versatility and use thick textured padding which provides added grip during lifts.

Despite its weight, this bench is incredibly easy to move around your gym due to the front handle and rear wheel attachments. The addition of rubber foot caps provides a secure base and also keeps your floor protected.


  • Incline and flat bench positions
  • Height settings for seat pad: 3
  • Height settings for back pad: 12
  • Wheels and handle for easy maneuvering
  • Plastic foot caps
  • Approx weight: 98lb
  • Height (flat): 18"
  • Length: 47.5"
  • Back pad width (widest point): 12"
  • Back pad length: 34"
  • Seat pad width (widest point): 11.75"
  • Seat pad length: 12"
  • Pad thickness: 2"
  • Rated to 1000lb



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Matthew Matthiesen
    Sturdy bench

    Overall I am happy with this. The wheels work well, the bench feels stable once in position, and I haven't had any problems so far. When I don't need it I roll it to the wall and then stand it up. Would be nice to have a pin to secure the position so the bench doesn't swing when I put it upright for storage, but it doesn't stop it from being put away.

    The bench is slightly heavier than I was expecting, but it does mean it doesn't move at all.

    I have two slight issues that don't affect the function. There's some sand/debris in the bench from the blasting that I hear when I move the bench. On the sear, one of the bolts could not screw in all the way, it just spins in place and is now stuck there forever. The insert for the bolt broke free and now spins. Not taking it apart again, so it doesn't change anything.

    Chandler M
    Great bench

    I really love this bench, it has a heavy duty commercial grade feel. Solid bench with multiple angles to select. Looks great, non slip bad is awesome, wheels around easily. Would recommend to any of my friends


    This bench is a beast! Totally! Incredibly strong and yes it is heavy duty but the wheels make it easy to move around. I’ve had no issues with anything moving or slipping, the bench has been super solid in every position. Very comfortable to lay on. It’s also super easy to store upright to save space; just put a piece of 2x4 under the end and stand it up. Love it! My wife picked this up for me and Mike was really helpful with the process.

    david fortin

    Flat / Incline Bench

    Colton Larade
    Above average

    Very solid, quality bench. Highly adjustable for Incline press. Only issue I've had is that the angled bar that rests on the frame when in flat position is clearly off center, and sometimes does not seat properly in the channel, which leads to a nasty surprise when you put weight on it and it suddenly drops into the channel.