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Fit: Regular: best for new lifters, Meet: medium tight, Competition: Tightest fit.

The F6 is specifically designed for arched benchers to maximize energy storage and bigger benches.

The sleeves of the F6 are set at a forward angle in the vertical plane and 90° in the horizontal plane. As the lifter sets his/her arch the sleeves align straight up in the optimal 90° angle in both planes. The result is maximum energy storage and power!

  • Forward angled sleeve - tilts into a 90° position as the lifter arches, setting the sleeve at the optimum angle for energy storage and energy return.
  • NXG Plus Fabric - our second generation fabric created by Titan exclusively for powerlifting. One of the most powerful fabrics ever created for the sport.
  • 360° Spherical Reinforced Sleeve Base - distributes stress more evenly around the sleeve base to help prevent blowouts.
  • 90° Perpendicular Sleeve - stores the maximum amount of energy possible.
  • Dynamic Stretch Back - eliminates “lat” restriction and allows active recruitment of these muscles in the performance of the bench.
  • Synthetic, high tensile strength thread – our special thread assures the integrity of the F6 that normal threads simply can’t. A single thread has tested to a load of 3.75 kg while a looped thread has tested to a load of 10kg!
  • Commercial zig-zag stitching – conventional straight stitching can rupture under extreme stress loads. Our commercial zig-zag stitch produces more thread per square inch that expands and absorbs stress without rupturing. It takes longer to sew in this stitching, but again, performance is priority #1.
Unmatched and Unparalleled Guarantees
  • 12 months "blowout" guarantee
  • 18 months "no run" guarantee

*guarantees are voided by non-factory alterations

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