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Sleeve Type: Straight: best for Flat back benchers, Angled: Best for Arched back benchers
Regular: best for new lifters, Meet: medium tight, Competition: Tightest fit.

The Katana has all of the innovative features of our original shirts with the addition of our patented torque sleeve design for bigger benches!

Our patented torque sleeve design wraps around the tricep to provide more energy storage and return than conventional designs. Combined with NXG Super Plus fabric (our third generation), The Katana is one of the most potent and successful bench shirts in powerlifting history.

  • 360° Spherical Reinforced Sleeve Base - distributes stress more evenly around the sleeve base while the reinforced seam construction allows for increased loads.
  • 90° Perpendicular Sleeve - stores the maximum amount of energy possible.
  • Patented Torque Sleeve Seam – this innovative seam wraps around the tricep and arm to provide more energy storage than conventional designs. Created and patented by Titan!
  • NXG Super Plus Fabric - our third and most powerful generation of NXG fabric. It is the heaviest and strongest IPF Approved fabric in the lifting world. Created exclusively by Titan for maximum performance. The strongest IPF Approved fabric.
  • Dynamic Stretch Back - eliminates “lat” restriction and allows active recruitment of these muscles in the performance of the bench.
  • Synthetic, high tensile strength thread – our special thread assures the integrity of the Katana that normal threads simply can’t. A single thread has tested to a load of 3.75 kg while a looped thread has tested to a load of 10kg!
  • Commercial zig-zag stitching – conventional straight stitching can rupture under extreme stress loads. Our commercial zig-zag stitch produces more thread per square inch that expands and absorbs stress without rupturing. It takes longer to sew in this stitching, but again, performance is priority #1.
Unmatched and Unparalleled Guarantees
  • 24 months "blowout" guarantee
  • 18 months "no run" guarantee

*guarantees are voided by non-factory alterations

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Katana with AS

Shirt works GREAT...................me...................not so much! Quality of the shirt is very good as per usual. Fits well and it is the right shirt for me right now. A step up from my F6. There will be Benches!