Bells of Steel


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Kettlebell ; powder coated to give you everything that you’re looking for in a non pro grade bell.

They are perfect for any box, gym, or garage. What’s so great about the B.o.S. powder coated bells?
– Powder coated matte black which means no chipping. They also hold chalk better than traditional bells.
– Colour coded handles means it’s easy to find the size you’re looking for, even when you’re blinded with sweat.
– Clean, blemish free and single cast, they will last you a lifetime.
– KG and LB markings
– Single piece casting made with iron ore

Kettlebell Handle Diameters:
8 KG. – 1.2″
12 kg. – 1.4″
16 – 32kg. – 1.5″
Also known as a Girya in Russian, a kettlebell looks like a metal cannonball with a flat bottom and a handle molded to it. Kettlebells have long been used as a dynamic tool to develop strength and endurance. Their origin is still a matter of speculation, but archaeological records show evidence of their use in Ancient Greece. Kettlebells have proven to be a powerful training tool when used for ballistic multi-joint movements requiring full body integration and core stabilization. Kettlebell methods were designed to increase strength, stamina, and coordination by challenging our muscular, cardiovascular and central nervous systems simultaneously.
Kettlebells are a fantastic way to combine your strength and conditioning into multi-joint movements, that can be done as a series to make the workout anaerobic, or individually to train strength. Exercises like the swing, snatch, turkish getup, make up just a few of the dozens of exercises that can be completed with a kettlebell.
Kettlebell training is an amazing way to fit in an intense and compact workout, or use them as a supplement to your normal workout.