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Northlift Belts are hand made custom leather belts, made by Edmonton based craftsmen Artem Bizi. Read all about Arti on this page.

These are high quality belts, excellent for training, but it is important to note that they are not currently approved for CPU/IPF competition because of the large fees required for this. They should be okay with other federations.

We have different models of belts.
  • An olympic style that starts at $110
  • The "Ten": classic powerlifting style (double or single prong, approx 8mm thick), starts at $110
  • The Adonis, an olympic style but with a separate back brace that allows the lifter to "feel" that back brace a bit more, starts at $160
  • The Titan, 8cm tall all around, and starts at $140
  • The Atlas, 10cm tall all around, with a smaller tension belt that allows for flex that accommodates the hips and ribs -starts at $200
  • The Viking, the Titan model but with fur on the exterior, choice of the client (fox, rabbit, beaver, bear) starts at $320
  • Olympic straps, hand stitched start at $30
  • Bodybuilder straps, hand stitched start at $40
  • Heel lifts (hand-cut and tapered piece of sole-bend leather that goes under the sock liner of your shoe and adds an additional 5mm to your effective heel height) start at $40
  • Log Books which can be customized with almost any colour or design and have unlimited paper refills from me, start at $65.
Customization, decoration and modification is a big part of our job, and is usually quoted over email with the customer.
Like many quality belt companies that deal with smaller order sizes, we make our belts to order. It can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks for completion and delivery.
See below for some example photos.
If you are interested in a custom made belt, please use the ER Canada Contact Page to enquire.