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While the sport of Powerlifting is not (yet) an Olympic sport, it is a Paralympic event, with the Bench Press being the only lift performed.  As their legs are often non-functional, their bench is constructed differently, wider and longer, so that they lie flat on the bench, often using straps to hold them in place. (see the second image)

There are not a lot of sources for these special benches, and certainly not reasonably priced sources. The Eleiko version is around $5000.  We knew we could do better.  

We are offering it in three different options:

Option One: Just the Pad.

This option includes just the two pad pieces. The attaching bolts can be customized to fit our own StrongArm bench if you have on already, an ER Combo rack or an Eleiko combo rack (the bolt holes are different on each) 

The pad features a double layer plywood base, high-density foam and Slip-Not Grip fabric top, which "Sets the standard for abrasion resistant grip fabrics"  $299.95

Option Two: Pad and Bench

This option includes the pad described above, plus our StrongArm Heavy Duty Bench.  This is the bench portion of our popular combo rack, which we sell by itself. (spotter pedestal not included).  Get it this way if you already have a power rack or similar for holding the bar, and you just need the bench.  $549.95

Option Three:  Pad and Combo

For a complete setup, get it here.  Our combo rack with the Para pad is all you need.  The combo rack features the lever adjustable uprights for accurate and easy bar height placement, safety bars, band pins for training and plate storage.   As shown.  $1389.95

Specs (on a Strongarm Bench) 

- Large pad is 55" x 24" 

- Head pad is 28" x 12"

- Height is 17" to top of pad

Note: Image is a mockup, not 100% accurate.  Actual photos to follow.  

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Jason Klaus
Fast shipping and great service

Got a fat pad and a para bench.