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Heavy duty weight tree with 6 x 50mm pins to take 6 lots of full sized (450mm) Olympic plates. Also 4 holes to enable the storage of 4 Olympic bars.

Approximate dimensions;

Pins - 200mm long.

1450mm high

650mm wide

600mm deep


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Matt Heath

This is a great purchase really solid tons of space. I have about 600lbs on it at the moment and it’s maybe half full.

Daniel Alvarenga
Where is my order? Order #11739

Why is it that everytime I order something from StrongArm with someone or by myself, you guys choose UPS and the package is always late. At some point you have to understand that despite being cost friendly UPS damages your brand and makes customers like me never wanna order from you again.

Benny Le

Plate Rack

Awesome Product

Well built, solid piece. Shipping was quick and easy. Highly recommend

StrongArm Plate Rack

This thing is like The Big Lebowski’s rug. It really ties the room together.

Jason Scherer
Great Service and Great Product!

I had amazing customer service. I was treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. I’ve ordered here a’lot and have never had an issue! The product is wonderful. I was looking at another product and they suggested I look at this and it serves a dual purpose, so it holds my bar too! Thank you!

Ruskin Gallardo
Solid Weight Rack

Perfect rack to store weights at home. Balanced and clean looking. Able to hold all my weight plates

Colton Larade
Buy this

Fantastic rack. Hold my 595 lbs no problem at all

amrit saran
Wasn't expecting much but blown away

Really happy with this purchase, was able to save a bunch of space in my garage gym and a works as a barbell storage. Wish I would have purchased this earlier.