Reverse Hyperextension
Reverse Hyperextension
Reverse Hyperextension

Reverse Hyperextension

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The Reverse Hyper extension is the best exercise you aren’t doing.

Every gym needs a reverse hyperextension, unfortunately they are few and far between. Don’t miss out on the benefits of this must have machine.

Invented by Louie Simmons, owner of Westside Barbell, the "Mecca" of Powerlifting, the Reverse Hyper is used to develop explosive speed and tremendous strength in the Posterior Chain. The posterior chain is a group of muscles consisting of Spinal erectors, Buttocks, Lower back, and Hamstrings.

If you’re looking to add pounds to your squat, deadlift and even the bench press then the Reverse Hyper is the machine for you.

Another remarkable feature of the Reverse Hyper is it’s ability to heal existing injuries and prevent future injuries from occurring which is even recognized by the medical community. The dynamic strength development in the concentric phase, the rehab occurs in the eccentric phase by creating movement of the spine and allowing fluid to flush through the spine.

  • High density foam pads with a durable vinyl casing
  • Quality bearings for a smooth swing
  • Includes high density upholstered foam padding and roller attachment that is hundreds of dollars on other sites.
  • Comes in black

Customer Reviews

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Joseph K.
Amazing service

I ordered this reverse hyperextension to help with lower back pain and to help strengthen up my posterior chain, very solid machine however I encountered an issue during my assembly. Mike was immediate in his response and had a replacement part in the mail same day, haven't had service this good in a long time, will definitely be ordering again through strongarmsport!

Craig O'Connell
Dynamite equipment and service

This piece is awesome - super sturdy and the price is right.

Very high quality & competetive price

First of all, this piece is very heavy duty. It is 11 ga. steel square stock, and the upholstered pad is wood, not MDF or fiberboard. I appreciate something that is built to last. It also comes with the roller pads by default and for a lower price point than reverse hypers sold by other companies. Even with shipping from Canada to my U.S. location, it was more cost effective to go with StrongArm. Five stars on the quality for cost ratio for sure.

After assembly, there are some extremely minor things I could nitpick with the exactness of the fit of the parts, particularly on the swing arm assembly. However, those issues are extremely minor, and do not affect performance or aesthetic at all. I would go overall 4 and 1/2 stars, but you can't do a 1/2 star increment on your rating.

If you are looking for a reverse hyperextension machine, StrongArm is the way to go without question. USA providers I had inquired to were more expensive for their models even without roller pads, and they were nowhere near as helpful or responsive as Mike Armstrong.

Reverse hyper

This product exceeded my expectations. For home use and especially if you are new to this exercise you can’t beat the price.

Great Piece of Equipment

This is a solid piece of gym equipment. The quality is very good. Welds are great, coating is great, smooth pendulum, and its not flimsy. No movement or wobbles. Honestly, when using it, I would not be able to tell the difference between this and a Rogue. Only complaint, is the instructions setting it up sucked.