RPM Wristwrap

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It’s All About The RPM (Revolutions Per Meter)

  • Maximum Revolutions
  • Maximum Contact
  • Maximum Power

Wraps tend to come in two styles: a) Very stiff materials, that are don't stretch a lot, so they need length to provide enough layers, or b) stetchy materals that you can pull longer to get that nice tight feel. THP and Signature Gold are the former, RPM's are the latter. If you like a stretchy wrap, RPM's are the wrap for you!

- 12 inch size - best for smaller wrists and quick wraps.
- 19.5 inch (50 cm) - not too long and bulky, but still good for smaller wrists.
- 24 inch - long enough for most, this is the maximum length allowed by 100% Raw Fed.
- 36 inch - IPF maximum length, best for big wrists, or those that like more layers rather than very tight.