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Safety Squat Bar

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The Safety Squat Bar has been used very successfully over the past ten years for training.

From our friends at Bells of Steel, this bar is great for this as it is in a constant process of trying to force the lifter forward. This places much of the stress on the muscles of the lower and upper back. In the squat, most people will shift or fall forward.

This bar will help you develop two things that will make a huge difference: it will increase your static strength and thus keep you from falling forward in the squat and second it will help you develop the strength to help your recover if you do fall forward. Here is a list of some of the most popular movements you can do with the safety squat bar: Chain Suspended Good Mornings Safety Squat Bar Box Squats Zercher Squats Backwards Bar Safety Squat Bar Box Squats Shrugs Glute-Ham Raises

Bar measures 51 inches between the bends, so it will fit any rack, most are 48" max.

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Poor design of bar

I’ve been coaching powerlifting for years, I bought this bar as an affordable option from Elitefts but the design doesn’t work. The pads are far too wide. They can’t work for anyone narrower than me, they fall over my GFs shoulders. The design also seems to be specified probably for shipping or convenience of bulk. The bar isn’t properly angled in regards to the handles and camber. Make the load awkward. If I hadn’t used it so much to try it out I’d return this quickly. I’m really disappointed. I’d highly recommend designing these things with a very advanced power lifter testing them


Safety Squat Bar


Love having this bar for accessory work for squats. Thick padding, holds together well and works as it should. Great specialty bar