Spartan Squat Suit

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Hi-performance at a great price

The next step in performance. The Spartan balances power and control for record lifts

  • NXG Super Plus fabric - our 3rd and strongest generation of fabric created by Titan exclusively for powerlifting. The strongest IPF Approved fabric
  • Synthetic, high tensile strength thread – our special thread assures the integrity of the Spartan that normal threads simply can’t. A single thread has tested to a load of 3.75 kg while a looped thread has tested to a load of 10kg!
  • Commercial zig-zag stitching – conventional straight stitching can rupture under extreme stress loads. Our commercial zig-zag stitch produces more thread per square inch that expands and absorbs stress without rupturing. It takes longer to sew in this stitching, but again, performance is priority #1.
  • 3-panel construction - proven and reliable
  • Hi-Stress crotch panel - designed to absorb and distribute stress

Unmatched and Unparalleled Guarantees

  • 12 months "blowout" guarantee
  • 18 months "no run" guarantee

*guarantees are voided by non-factory alterations

Production Time: Allow 6-8 weeks.(but usually done in less)

Customer Reviews

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Straps too long

The suit is great! Only complaint is the straps on the suit are way too long so they kinda hang off me. Will have to get it sewn again or duct tape it

Spartan squat suit

I ordered a custom squat suit and all in all I'm happy with it other than the shoulder straps being to long... I'm 6,1 or 6,2 As I stated in the order but the straps are atleast an inch or 2 longer than I think they should be... it is my first suit so i don't know much but I have heard other people complain about the length of the shoulder straps... also I ordered the slippers and only received a single leg... I have spoke to the sender and his customer service seems to be pretty good and straight forward.. bit as far as the suit especially if your getting it custom is pretty good just maybe tell them your an inch or 2 shorter than what you are... That or make sure your back and chest is super jacked :)

Great suit

Great suit. Especially for my first suit.
Before this I only have used centurian squat briefs. I would give 5 stars but the straps were extremely long, I had to take them in 3 inches , could have taken them in up to 5 inches. Luckily I could do it myself with a needle and upholstery thread.