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These plates are a new line for us, and are on PRE-SALE, expected to arrive in early November.  We expect them to sell out quickly, based on Instagram comments. 

October 15 Update:  SOLD OUT!  The first shipment is mostly sold out, the next load is due in January.  Any orders for placed will be for that shipment (we have some smaller sizes still, contact us to confirm)


Simply put, you will not find a better quality plate, anywhere, at any price. 

- Made to IPF specs for diameter and thickness

- calibrated to within 10 grams of stated weight, which is BETTER than the IPF spec of .25 of 1% (see below) 

- heavy chrome finish.  Not 'Harley Davidson' shiny, but extra durable to prevent chipping (if you remember the old Ivanko plates, you know what we mean) 

- painted area is recessed, so it should never suffer chipping or scratching

- rims have color coded silicon ring to easily identify size when on the bar.  

- machined to the proper weight, no "calibration holes" are needed. 

Each set includes as many 25's as you select, plus one pair each of 20, 15, 10, 5, 2.5 and 1.25.  

Also available in pairs of the individual sizes on this page.   

Are they ACCURATE?  

YES! We took a random set to a certified testing center to have them checked, all plates were within the allowable tolerance.  

Here is a summary chart, the actual document are linked below it.  

Accuracy Certificate

Lab Certification


Customer Reviews

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Joel Boulianne
Awesome looking fancy plates

The plates are truly exceptionally beautiful. It really is a great quality product for the asking price. Time will tell on durability but for the asking price, it's definitely a worthwhile purchase. All our members found them amazing. The only negatives I have received are that they are harder to lift than other weights because there is not much grip on the edge of the top. Also, the 25kg and 20kg are also slightly thinner than other companies