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StrongArm Elbow sleeves will keep your elbows warm and tight, just what you need on those serious bench press days.  This will greatly reduce the chances of injury to your elbow joint and the surrounding muscles and tendons (and there's a lot of them).  Great also for Strongman, who do lots of overhead press movements. 

StrongArm elbow sleeves are designed as elbow sleeves, they're not some revamped knee sleeve, longer on the outside of the arm, a bit shorter on the inside to prevent too much bunching up.  Neoprene rubber lined, with heavy duty stitching, so you can wear them tight and not worry about breakdown.  

Dimensions (measured lying flat, top to bottom x side to side at the middle) 

Small - 19 cm tall x 13 cm wide (for an elbow about 30 cm around)

Medium - 20 cm tall x 14 cm wide (for an elbow about 32 cm around)

Large - 20 cm tall x 15 cm wide (for an elbow about 34 cm around)

X-Large - 21 cm tall x 16 cm wide (for an elbow about 36 cm around)


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Great product

I had a cheap pair that i had been using from Amazon until now. Those cheap ones are basically a piece of neoprene sewn into a tube. The Strongarm arm sleeves are moulded to fit your arm. Very comfortable and much more effect. Great Value!