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Our next load is expected in late July. Any orders placed will not ship until then. 


Get Pounded! 

Okay, Powerlifters are our best customers, and powerlifting is done in Metric numbers, but Calibrated Kilo plates are expensive. Even our calibrated plates, while cheapest in kind, are still pricey for home gyms.   

So we've come out with our own pound plates, the StrongArm Pounder.  A simple clean design, with handles for easy pickup on all but the smallest sizes.  Diameter of the 45 lb plate is 45 cm, 17.7", weight tolerance of plus/minus 3%. 

Available in full sets on this page, or in SINGLES below.  

Size             DIAMETER      THICKNESS 
2.5LB            162MM            18MM
5LB                205                     21
10LB              232                     29
25LB              275                     34
35LB              365                     35
45LB              450                     40


Customer Reviews

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Luke Vine

StrongArm Pounders

Chris Aviado
Love these pounders....

This is my second order of pounders. The first was was for a friend ordered them in exchange for rubber coated plates I had that was just collecting dust. I ended up selling all the rubber coated 10's that I had for these pounders. Was able to save space on my loadable dumbbells. I personally like the rounded ends vs flat. And honestly they look a whole lot better than the pictures u see here. If could load a photo to show u, I think you would like them too.

Dave Valcourt
Best price !!

Plates are not 100% perfect but for that price they can't be beat. I have found cheap homemade concrete plates online that are more expensive than strongarm's pounders ! Will buy again when back in stock !

Kevin Lew

StrongArm Pounders

Chris Aviado
Looks better than the pictures....

Bought these originally for a friend of mine, but he wanted my rubber coated plates anyways... so when originally purchased bought the BoS iron plates originally, but in my heart wanted the StrongArm instead which was sold out. Anyways, to my surprise Mike was able to send these instead. When I open the box, I didn't realize how better they look vs the photos. I really think people would love this as an alternative to other lb plates. I think I will just get rid of all the rubber coated ones I have which I've been trying to trade for iron plates for these ones.