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Whether you are squatting 100 pounds... or 1,000 pounds, one thing every lifter needs is a solid base for their feet.   Ordinary sport or running shoes are designed to cushion your feet, soft and squishy.  You need something solid!  

Our new StrongArm Sport shoe will give you that base.  Super dense rubber layered into the sole, with an all synthetic leather upper, sewn together for durability and stability.  

The non-slip bottom sole will make them great for benching also, helping you to generate that all important leg drive.  

Highest quality construction, we'd put these shoes up against any brand at any price. 

Our shoes are made in European sizes, please use this conversion chart for Men's North American sizes:  

Customer Reviews

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Brendan Weselake
Great shoe, good value.

Shipping to Winnipeg was fast. 3 days.

Not a fan of how the shoe looks, but this is purely subjective. As for performance I have no complaints. The shoe was a tight fit but by the end of my first workout with them they had broken in nicely.

I normally wear do-win shoes but my last pair (a new style) were sized differently, and thus too big. I needed another pair. It so happened strong arm had a new shoe, and my first choice is to always choose a local company if possible. I’ve ordered 2 bars in the past from strong arm. Service and quality were good, so I tried the shoes.

Not much to say and this product isn’t a game changer, or life changer. It’s a lifting shoe. It does what it’s supposed to do, and does it well.

With street shoes I wear a 9-9-1/2 and a 4E width. I have wide feet. These shoes do accommodate a wide foot. It’s the reason I wore do-wins as they are one of the few shoes for wide feet.

I ordered the 42 size (size 9 equivalent ) and they are a perfect fit. For reference I wear a do-win size 10 (the “traditional” suede model available in black/red/blue/. Other do-wins may be sized differently as my last pair was)