StrongArm R1 Power Rack
StrongArm R1 Power Rack
StrongArm R1 Power Rack
StrongArm R1 Power Rack
StrongArm R1 Power Rack
StrongArm R1 Power Rack

StrongArm R1 Power Rack

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Our new Power Rack is your most important tool for basic training.  Our rack features: 

  • 2.3" x 2.3" uprights (60mm x 60mm)
  • Height is 81.5" to top of uprights, 83.75" to top of chin bar
  • Width 48" to outside of uprights
  • Depth 61" from back of lower crossbar to front edge of floor bolt pads. 
  • Sturdy triangle frame construction, not just welded flanges
  • Steel safety bars (see below)  
  • 2 sets of j-hooks, plus an extra pair on the front of the safety bars
  • 1.4" hole spacing for perfect position
  • 1" pin hole size
  • Multi position chin bar
  • Band pegs, top and bottom
  • Dip bars shown are included

Why steel safeties?  Canvas safeties are very popular, great for safety, and easy on your bar.  But for rack pulls, shrugs, pin presses or other supplemental exercises, they suck.  The bar will roll to the lowest point, not necessarily where you want it.  Steel bars gave much greater flexibility of use.  

Overall footprint (including band pegs) is 1690x1500x2150mm (w x d x h) , with a gross weight of approximately 94kg, and a tube size of 60mmx60mm. 2mm thick steel.

Rated to 400 kg.  

Options available

Attachments available for the R1 include: 

- Lat Pulldown

- Storage Pegs

- Roller J-Hooks

- Safety Catchers

- Monolift 

- Y-Dip attachment



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Matthew Matthiesen
Great rack for the price

I have the rack with the pull down attachment.

Because of the pull down attachment I prefer lifting from the posts away from it. It's a little close when it comes to setting up for bench, or even squat. The spacing of the holes is great. Allowed me to get my exact right height for squat and bench, even press. The pins for holding the weight are good, but the take up a few too many holes, which makes it so I really only use the front posts for lifts.
The rack is stable and sturdy. Haven't noticed any issues as of now. No bouncing/tipping as I rerack the weight, something I've noticed in racks in commercial gyms.
I haven't used the band pegs at all, other than storing some additional items like collars and junk at the top. They've been great for that.
What would be a great addition is a change plat peg holder. One of those little triangle ones that holds the baby weights. Because there's no holes in the side, the ones commonly available cannot be used. I just put the baby weights on a shelf I have instead.
As for the pulldown attachment, love it. Gives me a very complete gym. I do find the tube for adding the plates and the plate have very low tolerance, so some plates are hard to get on off. Would be nice to have just a little more wiggle room. The pulley runs relatively smoothly, but I did lube it slightly so it would work even without weight. I basically leave 5s on always just so it can move freely.

I did experience some issues, but I would consider them minor.
The instructions are not great, just a single page. You have to pretty much guess in which order to best assemble, which is doable, but took some figuring out.
I had a slight problem with pieces not being quite straight/aligned and so I needed to use clamps to force it into place so I could actually tighten the bolts. There's a slight gap with the pullup bar, but it doesn't affect anything.
Putting the safeties in place is somewhat difficult as the pins line up because one goes inside the post, the other on the outside.

Colton Larade
Bees knees

Impossible to do better for the price point. Extremely solid and quality rack. No need to bolt in place, easy to assemble, did it myself in under an hour.

James Hanifen
Great Rack

Very happy with the rack, great value for the price. I expect to get many many years of lifting in on this unit.

Rory Woolf
Love my new rack

Easy transaction process and very accommodating. Easy install but should have 2 people to install.

Ryan D
R1 Power Rack

Great Rack went together fast and easy with 2 people. Everything bolted together perfectly square. Nice and sturdy great value!