StrongArm Standard Bar
StrongArm Standard Bar
StrongArm Standard Bar
StrongArm Standard Bar
StrongArm Standard Bar
StrongArm Standard Bar
StrongArm Standard Bar

StrongArm Standard Bar

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Setting the STANDARD! 

Our STANDARD bar is an entry level bar, and is a great choice for anyone starting out in weight training or powerlifting.  The knurling is configured like our regular Power Bar, but is not quite as "cheese grater" aggressive.  Black zinc plating from end to end.  

At $229.95, it's a great deal for a starter bar. 

 - 2220 mm end to end

- 1310 mm between the collars

- 810 mm markings (see note above)

- 20 kg weight

- 28 mm shaft diameter

- 195,000 psi tensile strength

- all black zinc coating

- medium knurl. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
John Keith

Love it! Two of my friends have these bars and they love them. It almost feels like 28.5mm, the knurling is great and the whip is very nice for oly lifting too!

Colton Larade
Above average

Knurling is VERY aggressive, and the coating on the olympic attachments does where off very quick.

Strongarm Standard Bar

this bar has been great. Knurling is grippy but not too aggressive. It has held up really well to training multiple days a week. The only issue I had is that the knurling breaks are not as advertised. The knurling breaks are wider than 810mm and as a result it took a lot of getting used to for powerlifting specific training. I had to use a measuring tape to figure out max bench width etc.

The manufacturers mistakenly sent us a batch of bars with Olympic lifters lines on them, 10cm wider than Powerlifting lines, we gave out about 20 bars before someone pointed it out. A new batch is in stock now, with the correct lines.

Peter Vahaviolos

StrongArm Standard Bar

Pat Weeks
StrongArm= Strong Gear

Great top notch product, easy to grip and use. Excellent product and I highly recommend this and all items at StrongArm!

Ruskin Gallardo
Amazing Product / Customer Service

Great experience being able to swing by the warehouse and pick up items. Saves me that extra $ on shipping. Product has been amazing and tearing up my hands (in the good fresh new bar feel way)


Great quality bar. Knurling is really nice


Like everyone who is loading up a home gym we have relied on various vendors. Mike and his team go out of their way to provide the best service in the business! Highly recommend Strongarm and any of their or their affiliates products that they offer directly.

Michael Hampson
Standard bar.

The bar knurling is incredible and the spin is perfect. Only issue is that the black on the sleeves gets scraped very easily when putting and taking plates off the bar.

Dylan Brasca

StrongArm Standard Bar