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Sold Out!  (Our first shipment of this bar is all sold, more are due early October. Orders will be accepted, but no bars will ship until then)

What is a "Deadlift" bar and why would you need one?
If you are really serious about your lifting, and moving some serious weight, like deadlifts of 600 lbs, 700 lbs, 800 lbs, or even more, a deadlift bar may be perfect for you.

StrongArm Deadlift bars are:

- More flexible than a regular power bar. Deadlifting on a regular bar means pulling from a "dead" start, in other words, from zero to 100% of the weight all at once. With a more flexible bar though, the centre of the bar will rise 3 or 4 inches before the weights start to lift, and when they do the plates that are on the inside will lift first, moving towards the outer edge. The result of this is a smoother, more progressive acceleration of the weight, allowing you to lift more actual weight. Most lifters that use a deadlift bar will tell you that they can pull 40 or 50 lbs more with a deadlift bar compared to a standard power bar.

- Thinner than a regular power bar. Most power bars are 29 or 30 mm, a StrongArm deadlift bar is 27 mm. This thinness contributes to the flexibility, and also lets you get more of your hands and fingers around the bar. Particularly important of you use the double overhand "hook" grip.

- Longer sleeves than a regular bar. The longer sleeves allow for more weight to be put on, especially necessary if you are using gym plates, that tend to be wider than competition plates. The long shaft also contributes to the progressive pull that the DL bar is known for.


- Knurling tend to come in two varieties, small, fine points, with sharp tips, or large points with flat tips, (sometimes a bit concave, "volcano" shaped.  When we designed our DL bars we told the manufacturer we wanted the best of both worlds, large points, sharply tipped. 

Here's a closeup: 


- Knurling where you need it, not where you don't. Sumo deadlifting is taking over Powerlifting. Yet 99.9 of the bars you see sumo lifters using are made for conventional deadlifting, and they wind up gripping the bar on the smooth part, and least partly, while the knurling rubs on their legs during the pull. We thought we could do better. So we designed a bar with knurling in the middle, where the hands will be, and no knurling where it slides on the legs.


"But I can't use this bar during a meet, why should I use it in training?"
True, but don't we use boards and blocks when benching, do deads from blocks or pull with straps, use bands and chains to squat, and a vast host of other training methods that are not competition legal? So why can't a bar that allows you to pull more weight be just another part of that training arsenal?

- Custom made to our specifications, not an off-the-shelf bar.

- Made of Chromium alloy steel. Chromium allow is designed to add hardness to steel.

- Finish is bare steel on the shaft, with Chrome sleeves. 

- Bar weight is 20 kg.

Flat rate shipping in Canada, $40 to any location. 

USA customers, please visit our US site,  



Want to keep that new bar looking and feeling new?  Use StrongBar barbell lubricant and rust protectant on it! 

$16.95 a bottle. 



For $325  you won't find a better bar for deadifting than ours.

Below is review of our Conventional deadlift bar, the same bar except for different knurling configuration.


Customer Reviews

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Amazing Bar

Great price and perfect knurling. Not only does the whip make you look cool but it also makes you lift heavier causing more gains. Thank you for creating this masterpiece.

Thanks for the nice review Kurt!
Great Bar

The SAS Sumo bar feels identical to my Rogue DL bar as far as whip and feel in the hand goes. And the lack of knurling on my shins means no more cuts when deadlifting. In summary, the bar is an amazing value and ideal for those who Sumo. Thank you Canada.