Super Centurion Squat Suit

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The most powerful internationally approved suit for record breaking performances!

Elite level or very experienced lifters

The Super Centurion takes it a step further with additional reinforcing in the harness support system. The result is the absolute maximum amount of power found in an internationally approved suit.

  • Harness Support System - reinforced series of eight seams (regulation 3cm width) placed to form an anatomically correct harness system
  • NXG Super Plus fabric - our 3rd and strongest generation of fabric created by Titan exclusively for powerlifting. The strongest IPF Approved fabric
  • Synthetic, high tensile strength thread – our special thread assures the integrity of the Super Centurion that normal threads simply can’t. A single thread has tested to a load of 3.75 kg while a looped thread has tested to a load of 10kg!
  • Commercial zig-zag stitching – conventional straight stitching can rupture under extreme stress loads. Our commercial zig-zag stitch produces more thread per square inch that expands and absorbs stress without rupturing. It takes longer to sew in this stitching, but again, performance is priority #1.
  • 10-panel construction - creates the 3cm wide harness system that cradles the lifter
  • Hi-Stress crotch panel - designed to absorb and distribute stress

Unmatched and Unparalleled Guarantees

  • 24 months "blowout" guarantee
  • 18 months "no run" guarantee

*guarantees are voided by non-factory alterations

Production Time: Allow 6-8 weeks.(but usually done in less)