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The StrongArm Combo Rack!

Our popular heavy duty bench has been modified to include an easily removable bench so that you can now do squats with it also, just like on the (much) more expensive ER rack that we sell, and Eleiko racks seen in IPF World meets.

A meticulously designed all-inclusive competition grade bench press and squat rack.

Like to lift heavy? Of course you do. This is the rack you need, the rack that can handle any weight, and keep you safe. With band pegs, adjustable safety catchers, adjustable bar height and a spotter platform. Meets IPF legal dimensions.

Here’s some reason’s why you should have this rack in your gym:

1. Adjustment Levers
Everyone is different, body size, arm length, hand positions all vary. The chances of two lifters working out together needing the bar at exactly the same height is remote. Now you can adjust it in seconds, without needing to lift the weight directly, let a lever handle do the hard part.

2. Simulate the Competition feel
Simulate the feel of meet day with a rack that feels the same as the ER or Eleiko that you will use in the contest. All the proper dimensions as a contest rack.

3. Save Space
Space is always at a premium in home gyms, even in most commercial gyms. Similar to a cage rack, one rack that allows you to squat and bench in the same space is a good thing.

4. Band pegs.
Band resistance has become an absolute essential when training the big three and many squat racks have been designed to accommodate this style of training. Problem is most bench press designs are stuck in the stone age. Our bench has 2 adjustable pegs on each side allowing you to attach bands to create a variable tension.

5. Nylon Rollers
To protect that expensive new bar you are using. Don't have a bar yet? Try one of ours.

6. It has a powerful design.
The rack handles up to 1,000lbs, enough to accommodate even the top lifters in the world. The adjustable safety catches and spotter platform ensures the safety of the user. It also meets IPF competition specs, which means you’ll be ready for your meet.(meant for use while benching only, always use spotters for squatting)

7. Safeties
Customers for our ER brand racks often ask if they can use the safety bars for squatting. This is NOT recommended, the rack WILL flip over towards you if a heavy weight rolls to the out end of the safeties. The StrongArm rack has TWO solutions to this: 1) the base of the rack has holes to allow it to be bolted to the floor and 2) the plate storage pins at the front can be loaded up as counter-balance. Both methods will prevent rollover but we recommend bolting it down if possible.

8. Racks IN!  

While the rack itself does not tilt to the IN position, an attachment has been developed that will allow this. Read about it on this page.  

"How is it different than an actual ER/Eleiko/Bull rack?" We get this question a lot. The StrongArm Combo rack is not meant to be a copy of those great products, the steel is not as heavy, the construction is not as "craftsman" precise, but we stand behind this product completely, and for 99% of those that buy one, you will not regret the decision. Just don't buy it expecting something identical to a product that costs 4 or 5 times the price.

Ships to most Canadian locations for $160.

USA Customers!!
Price of this rack in the USA is $995 USD, including all shipping charges.  Please visit our US site at to buy a combo rack. US orders ship from our Indiana warehouse.  

Specs MM Inches
Gauge 12
Total width: 1225mm / 48.23 inches
Pad Thickness: 70mm / 2.76 inches
Pad Width: 300mm / 11.81 inches
Height to top of pad: 42cm/16.5 inches (IPF spec is 42-45 cm)
Total Length: 1600mm / 62.99 inches
Adjustable Height: 900 - 1,250mm / 35.4 - 49.21 inches
Weight Capacity: 500kg / 1,100lbs
Weight: 75kg / 165lbs
Tubing: 80mm / 3.15 inches

Customer Reviews

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Not ordering anything from this company again.

I ordered my combo rack almost 4 months ago (early october of 2019). Had to wait and wait, they said they'd be more back in stock early november to ship out mid November, that didnt happen, got postponed to guaranteed delivery before christmas, that didnt happen, to then shipping out sometime in January. Well, after months of waiting it finally shipped out! Buuut then my order got delivered to the wrong address (someone put someome else's packaging sticker on my order delivering to the wrong address) and then finally when it got here my combo rack was scratched up and poorly packaged. You know, this was unsatisfactory at its finest. As the owner of the company, he should of insisted on giving us a partial refund for the 2 postponed delivery dates (1 of which was guaranteed which didnt happen) but no he didnt. This company will not be seeing my business again.

I'm sorry to hear that you are not happy Eric.

When you work with Chinese manufacturers', you soon learn that they are good at making promises for delivery dates, but not good at all at keeping those promises. Being 30, 60, even 90 days late is not uncommon, and NO ONE is more frustrated by this than we are. I'm quite certain I would not have 'guaranteed' a delivery date.

My suppliers do not offer me refunds for being late, yet you expect me to do that? I'd go out of business real fast if i was to do that.

Your order did NOT get delivered to the wrong address. As I told you by email, I simply gave you an incorrect tracking number for it, a simple copy and paste error. What part of that was unclear?

This is the first I am hearing that it arrived scratched up. UPS often does this. These types of items are very difficult to package to prevent all possible damage, being such irregular shapes, and heavy boxes. If you'd like to send me some photos of the damaged parts, I'll see what I can do.

I never receive this...

I never receive this...

Good service

Great experience

Excellent company, even better product.

I purchased a Strongarm Combo rack, Titex bar and collars. Mike was very quick responding to any issues I had. The material shipped in less than 2 weeks, all the way to Ontario. Everything was packaged neat and organized, made it very easy to assemble. I’ll definitely be buying from Strongarm again !

great product, amazing price and easy to set up!

extremely happy about this product!