THP Wrist Wrap

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IPF Approved Our stiffest material EVER! Creates a cast like wrap! All lengths feature 2 inch wide military grade Aplix hook & loop that is 30% stronger than Velcro!

The THP material stores and returns 20% more power with a minimal addition of mass. Plus heavy duty 3/4 inch elastic thumb loops and a 6 month guarantee. Made in the USA with the strictest of standards.

- 12 inch size - best for smaller wrists and quick wraps.
- 19.5 inch (50 cm) - not too long and bulky, but still good for smaller wrists.
- 24 inch - long enough for most, this is the maximum length allowed by 100% Raw Fed.
- 36 inch - IPF maximum length, best for big wrists, or those that like more layers rather than very tight.

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THP Wrist Wrap


THP Wrist Wrap

Excellent product but...

The build quality of the thp wrap (any titan product really) is outstanding. Thp wraps are not for beginner or intermediate lifters. (I learned the hard way, rpm wraps are more doable for intermediates). I still like them and will use them for sure when I get stronger. The only thing I dont like is that the pair of wraps are identical. I like to wrap starting on the top side of my wrist (knuckles up) but with how these are made I can only do it that way on my left hand. Not a big enough issue to turn me away from them. I highly recommend them.