Titan Brahma 13 mm Single Prong Belt

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A custom made,maximum thickness, world-class belt. The heaviest, strongest in its class.

  • Leather - "Firm" North American sole bend core for maximum strength and support. (Stiff body construction)
  • Suede - super premium quality suede inside and outside
  • Stitching - six rows of heavy stitching
  • Loop Construction - 10mm thick, suede covered, "firm" sole bend core, four rows of stitching. Riveted to the main body.
  • Holes - eleven holes spaced at intervals of 1" / 2.5cm
  • 20mm Fold Over - 10mm thickness folded over the buckle. (Most other brands skive to 15mm total thickness)
  • Buckle - Stainless Steel core, heavy walled solid roller; heavy prong in your choice of single or double
  • Steel Nickel Plated Rivets - strongest, most durable leather fastening system
  • 13 mm Thickness (Maximum Thickness Allowable by IPF)