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If you just want to keep your knees a bit warm, you can get a pair of plain Rehband sleeves.

But.... if you want to get the best help that you can for your squat while staying within the "Unequipped" definition, you need a pair of the NEW Yellow Jackets.

Other brands may be more elastic, and FEEL tight, but all that elastic is stretching while you squat. The whole point of a sleeve is to STAY tight. Yellow Jackets are stiffer than any other sleeve on the market, giving you that CONSISTENT tightness throughout the lift. Its not just a 10 inch rubber band around your knee.

StrongArm Owner Mike Armstrong, an IPF referee, has spoken to a number of high level lifters at IPF Raw Worlds. Many that were wearing the new Yellow Jackets reporting having used SBD sleeves previously, but preferred the Yellow Jackets, finding that they had greater stiffness without feel so tight the lower legs went numb. World champion level lifters, and they preferred the Titan product.

IPF Approved for Equipped and RAW Lifting! 1 Week Size Exchange, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee when sized as listed.

Sold in pairs only.

Sizing Chart

3X Small and 4X, 5X Large are available on special order.

A Note on Sizing: Suggested sizes are only recommendations. We see 300 lb lifters buy Medium to get the tightest fit possible, while 160 lb lifters will buy 2XL. Warranties are void if you purchase smaller than suggested sizes.

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Sleeves are great
Sadly I can't give more stars!
Awesome knee sleeves!
Titan Knee Sleeves
Fantastic Customer Service and Products
Thanks for the great recommendation Keith. It's been a very challenging time for us, and for Titan. They were only allowed to stay open because they switched part of their production over to making face masks, making them an 'essential service', though it slowed down their normal production.