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 This page will be sort of like a Blog, showing a stream of posts about incoming shipments, New items and other StrongArm related news.

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Black Friday - Cyber Monday

All weekend long, Nov 29 to Dec 2, all StrongArm brand and Titan products will be 15% off.  

Most bars are in stock, or will be by that weekend.  The StrongArm Combo rack is expected to arrive mid-December.  StrongArm calibrated plates expected around January 1.  


November 1, 2019

New Product: StrongArm Aluminum collars

Keep that weight on the bar with our super tight collars!  

$49.95 per pair



October 15, 2019 

New Product: AmmoniaSport Ammonia Caps

  • Smelling Salts Designed For Athletes,
  • Easy to use, Just Snap and Sniff!
  • Supports Explosive Energy, Maximum Strength, and Razor-Sharp Focus
  • Instant Sensation to Achieve Peak Performance

$18.95 for 25 caps

October 12, 2019

New Product: StrongBar Bar Protectant
StrongBar Bar Protectant! StrongBar Bar Protectant was formulated for us to remove surface rust and provide maximum rust and corrosion protection. It's also the perfect lubricant to keep the sleeves spinning smoothly.

$16.95 for 250 ml